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Mothers in support of ATVing for kids and youth alike
by Kelly May Baxter


Nov 11th, 2007

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Indeed, the rise in the number of accidents and fatalities involving ATV riding is more than a little alarming…even to people like me. But just because there are many accidents relating to ATVs and kids/teens these days does not mean that I am going to stop allowing MY OWN kids from riding their ATVs. ATVing is a family activity that we have been enjoying as a family for the longest time now and it’s part of our lives. But because my husband and I have been riding for a long period of time and have given our kids a proper education about proper ATV riding and what the repercussions are if they ride their ATVs in a reckless manner, our kids ride VERY responsibly for their age.

I see that there are many benefits to riding ATV with the kids every weekend of holiday as they are healthier and lead a more active and disciplined lifestyle. There are too many benefits to ATV riding for kids and youths that I just refuse to accept the fact that it’s too dangerous for young kids!

I contend that the reason why many people are being killed riding their ATVs is because they’re not educated enough. If you take a look at the stats, most of the accidents relating to ATV riding involve young adults and teenagers. Yeah, we have a kid here and a kid there….but most of them are because of things we cannot control. With the youths and teenagers, there is something in common among all of them…which is, some of them are riding with irresponsible company who are prone to riding recklessly and some of them engage in improper activities while riding, like drinking alcoholic drinks WHILE riding their ATVs! While drinking of alcoholic drinks is something that we do during large gatherings whereby all of us get together for a campfire or a BBQ after a group ATV riding trip with the kids and all, it’s not something we do WHILE riding ATVs! Some of the teens involved in ATV crashes crashes out because they ride pillion. These are known, in the ATVing industry, as big NO-NOs! And teenagers do these things when they ride ATV, hence, there is an increase in risk where they are concerned.


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However, in my personal opinion, kids are easier to guide than teenagers…which goes without saying, of course. That’s because kids are still receptive of ideas and advice from their parents; on the other hand, some teens may have developed a feeling of rebelliousness or decided that they have outgrown your parenting and advice. It’s not your fault because things like that happens with teens because they mix with the wrong company when they ride their ATVs. Some of the teens riding ATVs do not want to appear wimpy when all the others are drinking, performing stunts on their ATVs. What you can do is to keep a tab on their friends and if they’re doing dangerous things on their ATVs, it’s best that you alert the police so that the police can intervene before something bad happens. Yes, call the police even if your teenager is with the group…hey, this is tough love. You want your teen to stay safe on the ATV, you’ve got to step in when you can.

One friend of mine had success when her daughter refused to listen to her advice about racing, drinking and riding ATVs with her girl friends. What this concerned mother did was send all gory pictures and news about ATV accidents to her daughter’s email address and cut out pictures and news and placing it on her table. After the initial resistance, her daughter finally agreed to be on better behavior.

You see, it’s not the ATV that’s at fault because ATVing is an absolutely healthy sport. Yes, it’s got its risks but so does driving a car or riding a bike! The cause of these problems is the fact that these kids ride recklessly and refuse to follow the rules. Unfortunately, because we’re parents, the responsibility lay on our shoulders to ensure that our kids toe the line as much as possible….for their own good.


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