Don't forget to take those photos!

Ok, so you're going on a adventure to an ATV trail you've never been to before and you can't wait to get there and get on your ATV for a spin. Comes packing time, you remember the helmet, the ATV riding attire, food, water…did you forget the camera? A video cam if you have one. Well, better yet if you have one of those funky mobile phones that can not only make calls but take pictures and videos as well – don't forget that!

Taking pictures of a trip like that can be priceless. How many times do you think you will come to the same ATV trail before you get bored of it? Not many, we're thinking. So, taking photos of you and your family members having fun during the trip is extremely important. Get your spouse to take pictures of you riding your ATV…of how skillfully you managed to tackle that very difficult bend. The photos will bring back loads of memories when you're older. You can, then, show it off to your grandchildren and tell them grand stories of how you traveled and had fun with your buddies or your family members!

Some ATV enthusiasts started scrapbooking where they put together some of the photos of each trip for special remembrance. If it's a group outing, you can take these photos and send them to those who attended to keep the bond going. Think old schoolmates getting together for a trip like that – it could prove to be very memorable.

For those who are familiar with online networking can make use of networking tools like or to post pictures and videos online to share with your network of people. It's really quite interesting to set up your own photo blog too of each of your ATV trips. You'll even make new friends this way through sharing of photos, reviews, advice and tips.

So, the next time you pack your stuff for an ATV riding trip, don't forget the camera.









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