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Honda ATVs still leading the pack

11th August, 2007

Honda ATVs still leading the pack

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When it comes to supreme bikes and top quality youth and kids ATVs, never fails… still one of the first few brands that comes to mind. And who can blame them since Honda ATVs is still top of the line and as far as we can tell, they’re still going strong. Despite strong competition from brand names from the same country, ATV brands from China, ATVs from Europe and the United States, Honda ATV remains one of the most sought after ATVs in the world!



If you take a closer look at Honda’s new ATV lineup every year, they seem to be reading consumer’s minds. They deliver ATVs in the style and with the power that consumers are asking for. No wonder they’re still going strong. Hondas are top choices for blazing trails as well. In their 2007 release, we say Honda ATVs climb the ranks in terms of top ATVs are concerned even before 2006 came to a close! That’s how powerfully astounding their ATV sales are. As we reach the last few months of 2007, Honda’s got their new models all lined up as well. You bet your bottom dollar that Honda’s got it down pay. For 2008, seems as though they are ready to bring on another powerful lineup with their FourTrax Foremna 4x4s this time with reliable power steering.

And you’ve got to give it to those guys for keeping their ATV customers up-to-date with safety recalls. Recalls in the ATV industry is quite common. Take a look at their 2006 Honda TRX450R and TRX450ER ATVs which had problems. Their prompt action ensures safety among all their customers and everyone was adequately compensated for their trouble.

Honda always listens to their consumers. Imagine, a huge big and powerful ATV like a Honda is not easy to steer. Past year models did not come with power steering, hence, we heard a lot of Honda ATV customers asking for them. And what d’ya know….here they are, 2008 they launch Honda Foreman 4X4s with super reliable electric power steering! For ATV Honda customers, it’s like waving a wand and having whatever you wished for appear right there in front of your face!

Not only are Honda’s sport ATVs great. We’ve tried riding the Honda Utility ATVs a couple of times and our verdict is that it’s so sturdy you can literally feel the power. They ring stability like no other brand of ATV I know! Sure, when you talk about Honda ATVs, you’re also looking at a big price tag. But actually, when you take into account the lesser number of times you need to go to the mechanic and the longer period of time this ATV can perform, you’re not overpaying for ANYTHING at all. Like they say, you pay ‘peanuts’, you get ‘monkeys’….well, most of the time anyway. But as far Honda ATVs are concerned, you can be sure you’re getting the top stuff.

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