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Guideline To Safe Purchasing of ATV Stuff Online
by Staff

Jan 3rd , 2008

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Once bitten, twice shy….this is something a friend of mine told me recently. He went ahead and bought some ATV apparel for his kids online from an online retailer of some of the most reputable brands in the market today. Well, to cut the long story short and without revealing the name of the website, he didn’t get his order and customer service was unhelpful. Therefore, today, if you asked him to purchase ATV stuff or anything, in fact, online, he would rather you take his eye out.

There are some essential facts about purchasing ATV accessories and other stuff online to consider before you whip out your credit card.

First off, check the reputation of the ATV reseller. You can either type ‘opinion ATV seller’ or ‘review *website name*’ into your favorite search engine and go through what others have to say about the website. It’s a bit suspect when website owners don’t provide phone numbers in their sites and consumers should know the dangers of purchasing ATV stuff from a website that does not provide a human contact. If they have a phone number displayed in their website, call the number for a quick check. If you don’t know what to ask, ask them a simple question like, “Where are you located?” or “Out of curiosity, what’s the shipping price for International purchases?” even though you’re not located outside of the country!



  • Another thing consumers should be particular about when it comes to purchasing ATV stuff online is….variety and choices. For instance, I would rather purchase from a website that has a huge variety of designs, colors and prints for me to choose from, instead of a one-color thing or one-size warehouse clearance thing. It doesn’t give you a lot of room to move, does it?

    Purchasing ATV helmets for kids can be a little tricky. There’s the size issue that you should tackle first. Take a measuring tape and measure round the widest part of your kid’s head….that’s the head circumference. Check the size against the size provided in the website. If they don’t provide information on sizing, DON’T purchase because it would be really troublesome for you later on.

    One final thing about purchasing ATV stuff online….always read the fine prints about return policy, shipping and of course, the guarantee/warranty.

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