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Are All Cheap Chinese ATVs Bad?


There’s a saying that goes something like this, ‘You get what you pay for’ and if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys or shouldn’t it be elephants? Why? Well, elephants love peanuts too, don't they? Assuming monkeys are low quality stuff, elephants are usually used to mean something strong, sturdy, hard-working and live long. Using the above, paying small does not automatically mean that you’re going to get monkeys. It’s possible, therefore, to pay a small price to get the elephant and avoid the monkeys.

I can hear you wondering where this is all leading and asking me what has cheap ATVs to do with elephants and monkeys.

But I’m not just rambling on about nothingness. What I am saying here is this….the trick is in knowing where to offer your peanuts, am I right? If you throw the peanuts where there are many monkeys, then you’ll be getting yourself lousy quality ATVs. If you hand the peanuts over to the elephants, you get really high quality ATVs for probably close to half the price of what is in the market today!

To get cheap ATVs that don’t rattle or fall apart within weeks, you’ll have to know where to buy them…that’s my point! No doubt, China’s cheap labor has opened up many options for us – we are now spoilt for choice as far as cheap ATVs are concerned. And even with cheap Chinese ATVs, the quality differs from one manufacturer to another. Not all of them are bad although we have to admit that some Chinese cheap ATV manufacturers pay very little attention to the quality control aspect of their business. But not all of them are like that.

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You see, US, UK and many countries in Europe realizes that in order to produce top quality cheap ATVs, they have to lower their prices. One of the best ways to bring the price down is to use cheap labor – no other country in this world can bid lower than China as far as labor is concerned. So, many manufacturers, then, set up their factories in China in an effort to bring to the market cheap ATVs for the thriving ATV world market. Whether the ATV produced is cheap and good or cheap and lousy depends heavily on the US, UK or Europe based company’s quality control measures. It’s unfair, I feel, to put all the blame on the Chinese because the quality of the ATVs are reliant on the manufacturers themselves.

If the producer focuses on volume, the quality will inevitably drop. Therefore, cheap ATVs are still possible in a sense because if the manufacturer focuses on using the cheap labor on producing top quality ATVs, there shouldn’t be any issues about safety.

So, if you’re looking for cheap ATVs, first, look at the people behind it. And remember, not all cheap Chinese ATVs bad.

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