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Five easy steps to changing ATV oil


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Apr 19, 2007

5 easy steps to changing atv oil

Five easy steps to changing ATV oil

You'll be surprised with the rising number of people who have no idea how to change the oil on their ATVs – instead, they spend a fortune sending their ATVs out to ATV mechanics to have their oil changed. This can be avoided by learning a few tricks on oil-changing. It's not really as hard as you think it is…it just takes a little practice although a little tricky in the beginning but once you familiarize yourself with the process, it could even be quite fun.


Step One : Gather all the ATV oil changing tools that you need which includes suitably sized sockets, extension, torque wrench (if you like to use it), long-nose funnel and a ratchet. Of course, we're not forgetting the new can of ATV oil we want to put into the ATV.


Step Two : Draining the oil tank on your ATV. Look for the ATV's oil tank at the bottom and then check the bottom of the ATV oil tank for the drain plug. Pull the plug out but be careful with the sealing washer. Without it, the oil will leak from the ATV oil tank later on. After the oil tank is emptied, replace the sealing washer and plug.


Step Three : Drain the crankcase. Similarly, just look for the crankcase drain plug, unplug it and wait for it to finish draining. The ATV crankcase also comes with a sealing washer, so, be careful not to lose it.


Step Four : This is usually the right time to change the ATV filter too. So, remove the bolts that secure the ATV filter carefully and remove the cover. There's usually an O-ring there, check if the O-ring is damaged. If yes, replace it. Now, take a good look at the way the ATV filter is placed so that you'll know how to put the new one in. It's important because it might damage the ATV motor if placed incorrectly. Also, there's usually a spring somewhere behind it, remember the placement of the spring so that you'll know how to place it back the way it is. Replace the ATV filter and do a reverse action of all the steps above.


Step 5 : Refill the ATV engine. Don't fill the ATV oil tank up completely. The right way to do this is to fill it up to about ¼ and start the ATV engine. Watch out for leaks or if anything was wrong with the way you've reassembled the ATV parts. Once you're sure that everything is correctly in place and that there are no leaks from the ATV, fill up the ATV oil tank now.


There you have it; you've changed your ATV engine oil by yourself and saved yourself some money there. Now, with that money, go reward yourself with ice cold beer!


Discuss this in our ATV forum

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